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We Love Bala

We are a newly formed group of residents and cottagers from the Bala area who are opposed to the trailers situated at the old Bala Bay Inn property. We are raising awareness and money to support hiring both a municipal lawyer and planner. If you love Bala, we need your support.

Help Make Bala

Beautiful Again

We are fed up with trailers in town! 

On March 3rd, a group of concerned Bala taxpayers attended a case management conference at the Township of Muskoka Lakes chambers. There is an appeal in place to have a zoning by law amendment to allow the 6 trailers at the Bala Bay Hotel to remain as staff housing for Marriott workers. 

We want these trailers gone and never brought back to Bala! 

This July we will attend the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal and be heard in opposition to this appeal. The township has its own lawyer and planner who will also oppose and it is suggested that we hire an additional lawyer and planner to show our opposition, giving a stronger support. We are looking to raise funds to hire and pay for both a lawyer and planner and ask that you join our fight to bring Bala back to the beautiful town it is meant to be. 

Please help our organization. Contact us on our Facebook page or Go Fund Me page for more information.

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We have a Facebook page where we will provide updates on any developments